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Each of these galleries contains just a small selection of the work I do.

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University of Winchester West Downs campus interior, timber clad corridor with portholes of different sizes, mimicking the shape of musical speakers.


Black and white picture of a laughing woman with thick, curly shoulder length hair.  The lady is wearing dungarees over a black blouse and the left shoulder strap of her dungarees has dropped down her arm. Her right hand is resting on her neck, with her left gripping her lower right leg, so her whole body is at an angle. She has a watch and heavy bangle on her left wrist and her chain necklace pendant catches the light.


A line of Buddhist monks stand in profile in red and terracotta robes. The elaborate folds in their clothes are illuminated by deep shadows, and their ceremonial orange hats have bright red bias taped edging and bright yellow tassled fringing on the top.

Events and Entertainment

A young black man reaches for a slam dunk, with a white and orange striped basketball inches from a red white and blue roped ring. He is wearing a royal blue sleeveless sports shirt with a white 6 emblazoned on the front.




A young lady with dark shoulder length hair stands in the middle of a street market. She is grinning to another lady in black, who has her back to the camera,  as she tries on a large, white wide brimmed hat.  In the background there are people walking up and down the street and to her left a shop front with pink window frames.

Lifestyle and Editorial

Four painted circles on a concrete playground, purple, green blue and yellow respectively, outlined in white. The shadow of two young girls holding hands and playing hopscotch can be seen on the concrete. In the corner one of the girls' legs is glimpsed, she is wearing a classic black t barred shoe with white ankle socks.


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